Master Bedroom Curtains

Master Bedroom2

This weekend I took some time to finally hang curtain panels in our master bedroom.  We have had white roman shades up since right after we moved in, but I’ve been stalled on getting curtains for a while.  Ideally, I would love to have custom panels made from this Malta fabric by Iman Home in Peacock:

malta peacock

The cost is prohibitive currently, because for just the fabric for three windows, we would be looking at spending $700-$800.  So I’ve had my eye out for some less expensive alternatives that we could be happy with for the time being.  I was at Tuesday Morning and came across these light-weight teal panels that have a faux linen look, but are just cotton.

Master Bedroom1

I’m not a huge fan of grommet-top panels and the fabric is quite thin and not lined, but they are extra-wide at 54″ and long at 96″ and I have the lined roman shades for blocking light.  They are not the same color/shade as my accent fabrics, but complementary, which I like so that it isn’t so matchy-matchy.  Bradley likes them a lot and had mentioned a few times lately that he would really like to have curtains to make the room feel more finished.

The total cost with these curtain rods from Amazon came in at around $155, so I can’t complain about that.

Fluted Acrylic Rod

Front Porch Chairs

Porch Chairs1 Our house has a nice covered front porch.  We did not have a porch at our first home, so I had no furniture or decor to use when we moved last year.  I started looking for inspiration pictures last year.  Our house is very symmetrical, so I am sticking with that overall theme on the porch as well.  After deciding to paint the front door red, I came across this photo on Hometalk that gave me the feel I was looking for.Front Porch Inspiration Until seeing this picture, I had not considered wicker.  It always seemed like standard 80’s sunroom decor to me.  But seeing this fun red take on wicker chairs made me rethink my previous judgment.

I began scouring Craigslist for four chairs.  Wicker chairs in a set of four are not terribly common, but I eventually came across a dining set with chairs that looked just right for my vision.  I liked the high fan-shaped backs, the loose weave of the wicker so that the red color isn’t overwhelming, and the fact that the chairs have arms.

Porch Chair BeforeI used Rustoleum automotive spray primer and Paprika spray paint in a satin finish.  I considered going back over the chairs with the front door paint using a brush, but the Paprika color was so close to the door color that I felt it unnecessary.  The door color is Burning Bush by Olympic, which I had color-matched at Sherwin Williams.  Now I just need to get around to painting the shutters navy.Porch Chairs3Porch Chairs2

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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Light1

We spent the weekend putting up a new light in the kitchen.  I say weekend, not limited to a simple switch-out one morning like I expected, because like so many house-related projects, things are rarely ever that simple.  The fluorescent light that came with the house, which is never the kind of light you want, was not top on my priority list to change out, because you know, money.  But after changing the bulbs about two months ago, it still would not turn on half the time.  I had searched high and low for something that would work in our narrow kitchen – ideally I would put in recessed lighting and call it a day, but again, money.

Here is a before shot of the kitchen with the original light:

Kitchen Light Before

I settled on two different options and let Bradley pick from those two.  He likes the functionality of track lighting, but I cringe at the aesthetic of them.  The light we bought is basically a track light, but the look of it is a little more to my liking.  I wouldn’t use it in a total remodel, but it does the job for now.  The Kichler Lighting 4-light fixed rail directional light in polished nickel:



When Bradley took down the old light fixture, we discovered a significant amount of drywall damage beneath it that the new fixture would not cover.  After discussions, we decided that rather than incurring the further expense of drywall repair, we would opt for the less expensive option of using a ceiling medallion.  Not ideal, but we aren’t looking to remodel the kitchen until after we create a laundry room and remodel our bathroom.

Of course even with a medallion, there were rough spots and discoloration on the ceiling that would still be visible, so that led to sanding, puttying, sanding some more, and then painting the entire ceiling.  Basically, a giant rabbit hole.

The only other modification we made was based on reviews of the light fixture online.  Many people complained that the halogen bulbs get very hot, which is a complaint I have had about the ones in our vent hood.  I was able to buy a six-pack of LED bulbs to use in the light fixture and the vent hood to cut down on the heat that is produced.

Kitchen Light2

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The Pocket

My mom took me to a Wildlife Management area last week called The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain.  It has an incredible amount of native wildflowers.  The first half of the Pocket has a flat boardwalk weaving through the foliage.  There are flowers as far as the eye can see up the mountain side.  The second half of the Pocket is an easy hike up to a waterfall.

It is impossible to do justice to this beautiful scene by description or even by picture.  The layers and texture of the terrain can only be fully appreciated in person.  Never-the-less, I took some pictures and thought I would share.

The PocketFlowers as far as you can see up the mountainside.

Pocket Bent White TrilliumTrillium flexipedes
(hard to tell from the photo, but these were the size of large dinner plates)

Pocket Dutchmans BeechesMoss-covered rocks with Bishop’s Cap

There were so many beautiful rocks along the trail, that now I am longing for something similar in my own yard.

Pocket Jack in the PulpitJack-in-the-pulpit

Pocket Purple PhaceliaPurple Phacelia and Christmas ferns

Pocket SilverbellCarolina Silverbell

My mom put one of these just outside our fence so that it can dangle these beautiful dainty blooms over the back yard.

Pocket TiarellaTiarella

I have one of these, also called foam flower, in my yard now thanks to my mom.

Pocket Trailing TrilliumTrailing Trillium

Pocket Woodland StonecropWoodland Stonecrop

Pocket ColumbineEastern Columbine and Purple Phacelia

Pocket WaterfallThe waterfall at the end of the trail

Other wildflowers that were blooming while we were there, but that I did not get good pictures of were blue phlox, wood poppies, blue cohosh,White Baneberry (Doll’s Eyes), False Soloman’s Seal, and Virginia Bluebells.  I found this site helpful when looking up the Pocket and the flowers that are there.  The drive from our house is about two hours, but I’m already desiring to visit again soon.

Tree Removal

Last week we had 8 large trees taken down in our yard.  There were two sweet gum trees in the front yard, two in the back yard, three pine trees along our driveway and one more that was too close to one of the sweet gums to stay.  Three of the four sweet gums were dying, not to mention they dropped gumballs all over the yard and driveway.  The three pines along the driveway were the culprits behind our buckled driveway.  We have so many trees on our property that I don’t find the removals to be too drastic-looking, but in a small way everything feels a little more opened up when I look at our house on my way in each day.

The front yard with two large sweet gum trees:Front Trees Before

The front yard after the tree removal:Front Trees AfterAlong our driveway with three large pine trees:Driveway Trees beforeAfter the pine trees were removed:Driveway Trees After