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Bathroom Clutter

I was tired of walking into our bathroom every day and being disappointed by all the clutter on the counter.  But I know myself, and I will never stick to a system of putting away every little item every single day.  So I compromised and bought this cute little box at Tuesday Morning.  It is the perfect size to catch all the ‘stuff’ I use all the time.  I like the taller sides too that keep things from tipping over easily.

Guest Room Storage

After moving my Expedit shelf into Bradley’s office, I have been on the prowl for some night stands with storage for the guest bedroom.  Bradley took me to pick up these on Friday:

They are taller than I need and as wide as I could possibly go in the room, but I think I can make them work (I might incorporate some bed risers).  I haven’t made my final decision about what, if anything, I will do to them.  They are not in pristine condition, but definitely fine to stay as is.  They are also not antiques, which makes changing them easier to swallow if I decide to.  By the stamp on the back, it seems as though they are originally from Bombay Outlet.  This might be a slow makeover, so don’t hold your breath for the ‘after’ shots of the guest bedroom!


I came across these cool succulent terrariums and have been wanting my very own little collection ever since.  I don’t have a cool glass orb like these, but I had a nice vase stored away.  It is finally the season for Home Depot to carry succulents, so I picked out a few and planted them in their new home.

Camera Display

Over the past year, I have been buying vintage cameras that I find at Goodwill for Bradley.  He wanted to collect them and display them in his office.  So far, they have been residing in his office closet.  Last night, we began researching creative ways of displaying them.  Here are a few images I found:

His final decision was to display them mixed in with other things like what is shown in the fourth picture.  We are going to try out the Expedit shelf from the guest bedroom.  It has eight cubies that he can fill with books and cameras.  If it works out, we will need to figure out what color to paint the shelf.  Then I will need to find another storage solution for the guest bedroom.  I am thinking two nightstands with drawers versus one dresser.

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Clock turned Cloche

Back in the summer, the Thrifty Decor Chick showed off her collection of cloches, one of which I thought was very creative.  She found one of those awful clocks with a glass cover, and took it apart to make a cloche.  Over the weekend I found my very own shiny gold clock at Goodwill for a couple of dollars:

The clock was mostly made of plastic, so I didn’t feel bad about separating it from its glass dome.  Instead of reusing the base like TDC did, I am trying it out on a cute white plate that also came from Goodwill last year:

I don’t know if I will keep it with this base, and I don’t think I want to keep it in the dining room, but I had fun playing around with it.  We will see where it ends up!

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