Craft Room Update

Over the last week, I’ve cleaned up and sorted most of the ‘stuff’ that has been collecting in the craft room since moving in.  I also found one more piece of pegboard left behind by the previous owner that would work between the windows in the craft room.  I painted it the same color as the walls.

We also moved the Expedit shelf into this room and it fits pretty perfectly under the pegboard.  Once I get new tables for sewing and crafting it may need to move based on what I’m envisioning in my head.

What I’m Loving

Things I'm Loving 2


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I love the fresh look of these preserved boxwood wreaths.  I have a few wreaths at this point, but all of them are holiday-specific.  Now that we have a covered front door, I would like one of these for everyday use.  Different colored ribbon could transition it from season to season.

Speaking of the front porch decor, I am crushing hard on these Suzanne Kasler Lanterns.  We have 3 recessed overhead lights on our porch that I would love to replace with three of these.

I think the look of these Chatham Pivoting Mirrors has such a great classic look for the bathroom.  I hope to add these in polished nickel to all of our bathrooms eventually.

This Iman Home Malta fabric in Peacock has been on my wishlist for over a year.  I want to make curtain panels for our bedroom using this once we have the budget for it.

Progress Report: Office

One of the features of this house that sold us was that there is a bedroom on the main level – bonus that it is across the hall from the bathroom and steps from the kitchen.  We always lamented not having a true office at the old house from which Bradley could do his freelance work.  Turns out this room is so large that we also added my small desk and still have room for a seating area in the future.

The paint color is Roaring Mountain by Ralph Lauren.  It is a soothing warm blue, probably not what Bradley would choose off a paint chip, but nice so we haven’t considered changing it.

We are throwing around the idea of stealing some space from this room and the pantry closet in order to move the laundry to the main level.  We would have to move the doorway of the office into the foyer, so I’m thinking skinny french doors like this would be pretty.  That will be a couple of years down the road, so the plan isn’t in stone.

Here is a before shot from the real estate listing:


Deck Gate

After five months of our temporary ‘deck gate’ – really just a portion of Buddy’s playpen – I decided to find a more permanent solution.  I searched a general price range for having a gate built, and it seems like it would be in the $300-$500 range.  That isn’t in the budget right now, and I am a light-weight handyman so it isn’t something I’m going to try myself.

Instead, I measured the opening at the stairs leading to the driveway and checked walk-through gates on Amazon.  Most gates were not wide enough without buying additional pieces.  I found this one that is just wide enough and at less than $40, it seemed like a great option.  It came with templates for screw placement on both sides, so it was just a matter of lining it up, drilling and having the pieces turned the correct way.  I don’t think I got it lined up and adjusted perfectly, but it’s good enough because we don’t use these stairs very often at all.  It’s not my ideal solution, but it is leaps and bounds better than the before:

On a side note, I also got the deck washed and stained a couple of weekends ago.  We chose Sherwin Williams Deckscapes Semi-transparent stain in Cedar Toner.  Not a huge change in color, but it definitely warmed the wood up a lot.

Progress Report: Front Porch Bed

I have plans to work on the shrub beds at the front porch this fall, but I ended up working on the left side last month after I found a good deal on the type of shrubs I am planning to use throughout the bed.  Pike had Eternal Fragrance Daphnes marked down by 40%, so I picked up five.  It took several days to wrestle the old shrubs out of the bed – I’m not sure what kind they are, but I know they are too tall for my taste.  These Daphnes average 2-3′ tall and wide with a compact, rounded habit.  From what I’ve read, they are evergreen unless it gets below zero.

Here is what the bed looked like before I worked on it:

And the right side of the bed that we’ll work on this fall: