Progress Report: Master Bedroom

Our bedroom in this house is quite large.  It spans from the front of the house to the back, and includes windows on three sides.  This was the other room I made sure to paint before we got the furniture moved in.  I really liked the color I ended up with in our old bedroom – which was a product of adding several paints together, therefore I couldn’t just buy more.  I took our old paint can to Sherwin Williams and had them match the color in their Cashmere line for me.

I removed the fabric window shades left by the previous owners – they were a little frumpy for my taste.  I decided to keep the slightly odd-looking switch plate covers once I realized they were old porcelain covers, which I think adds a lot of character.  (If they had been plastic, I would have traded them out for flat covers.)  We decided to place the bed on the same wall as the door because the other direction it would cover half of the window, and because the switched outlets are on that wall.  The windows in this house are original wooden windows, which I love, but it means there is no room left for inside-mounted window coverings.  I ordered more tailored looking white Roman shades from JC Penney as the first layer of window treatments.  The curtains will have to wait until I have several hundred dollars to spend on fabric.

Here is the color-match label:

The long-term plan is to extend the wall from the closet to the bathroom at the back end of the room and remodel the bathroom to include that area.  We would also like to:

  • Remove the popcorn texture from the ceilings upstairs, to match the downstairs ceilings.
  • Remove the carpet upstairs and put down a hardwood flooring.
  • Add a ceiling fan to the upstairs bedrooms.
  • Transition all door hardware to oil-rubbed bronze to blend into the stained wood doors.
  • And of course, save up for curtain panels made from this fabric.

Here is how the previous owners had the room staged and painted.  The color was very green.

Progress Report: Den

I feel like our new house progress is coming along very slowly.  For that reason, I don’t have too much to report – but I’ll post what I can over the next few weeks.  Before we moved in our furniture, I went ahead and painted our bedroom and the den to make the process easier.  I took the living room/dining room paint (Gobi Desert by Behr) that was left by the previous homeowners to Sherwin Williams and had them color-match it in their Cashmere line.

This is the label for the color-match:

Here is how the previous homeowners had the room set up (It may be hard to tell in the pictures, but this room was a sage green color.):

This is the room in which Bradley and I will spend most of our evenings, so I wanted to keep the rug and ottoman we already had in here.  The loveseat made the most sense for this room, and of course the TV is in here as well.  As though it were meant to be, our two bookcases fit exactly in the space on either side of the fireplace.  I haven’t even begun to touch decorative accents in the house yet, so the bookcases are very bare right now. With doorways to the porch, garage and kitchen all on one end of the room, the furniture is weighted more to one side of the room, but I don’t think it’s too strange in person.  The previous homeowners left the corner bench/shelf piece – Bradley likes it, but I don’t.  I agreed to work with it for a while to be sure, but once I realized the bench was not attached, I couldn’t get it out of there fast enough.  It’s the kind of thing that works really well for a family with kids, but that’s not us. The things that need to be addressed in this room are:

  • Side tables.  For right now, I’m using a couple of tables that were drifting at the old house.  I plan to thrift some new ones when I see something that looks like the right fit and feel.
  • Table Lamps.  One of the lamps used to be in our old foyer, the other was a spare in our old bedroom.  Because we end up setting a lot of stuff on our side tables on a day-to-day basis, I’m leaning towards wall lamps to get them up off the table tops.
  • Quarter Round.  When I took out the corner bench, we realized the quarter round did not extend behind it.  Luckily, Bradley got the stain color from the previous homeowners.
  • Brick Fireplace.  The brick on the fireplace isn’t horrible.  I’m just wondering how it would look to white-wash or lime it.
  • Door Hardware.  The interior doors in the house are stained solid wood, which I LOVE.  In order for the hardware to disappear into the doors, I have decided to go with Baldwin’s Venetian Bronze finish.  That will come later down the road, but we did go ahead and switch out the deadbolts on the exterior doors.

Little Man Baby Shower

I helped throw another ‘Little Man’ themed shower this past weekend, this time for my cousin’s wife.  The shower was at my mom’s house, so I went down the night before and did a lot of the set-up.  I got to do everything I wanted to – even if it did involve a couple of extra last minute oops trips to the grocery store.

Behind the gift table, I strung blue plastic tablecloths up as a backdrop.  I stuck tiny mustaches all over it and hung some onesies onto which my mom had appliqued neckties.  My cousin made a diaper motorcycle that turned out so cute and was a hit at the party.

To greet guests,  I hung a black chipboard mustache over a blue tissue paper fan on the door.  We put balloons with mustaches on the mailbox and at the entrance.  (We have a back door policy family:)

I also hung little neckties from the mantle.  We played the ‘Guess that stache’ game with photos of famous mustaches.

On the food table, we had ‘MAN’wiches, Bowtie pasta salad, mustache cookies, grape salad, and pretzel ‘cigars’.  I loved the colorful mustache napkins I found at TJMaxx.

At the drink table, I hung some Martha Stewart accordion lanterns and added blue chevron paper fans with mustaches to the front of the table.  I found the cute mustache bank at Hobby Lobby and made LeMANade punch for the guests.

I am really pleased with how everything turned out and the mom-to-be got lots of fun stuff for her little man!

Next Chapter

We are two weeks away from closing on our second house.  We’ve talked about moving closer to Bradley’s work for a long time, and this house sort of came up on us out of nowhere.  It will cut the distance in half for him, but as for time a great deal more than half because of traffic.  The house is in Marietta, east of I75.  When I first saw the listing, I sent it to Bradley with the question: ‘What’s wrong with this house?’  It has over 3 acres of land and is a four-sided brick home with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.  The price seemed really low for so much land.

Turns out that the property backs up to Sope Creek, so the back acre is in a 100-year floodplain.  We put in an offer right before Christmas, not really expecting the owners to come down to the price we felt like would make us comfortable.  After a little back-and-forth, they actually hit our mark on price, so we accepted and lined up inspections.  There are things in the reports that I would have expected of a 40-year old home – mostly small areas on the roof, as well as owner DIYs that are slightly off-mark, and the electrical panel, which we had already guessed needed to be replaced.  Barring any life circumstances that would force us to move, I am looking forward to staying in this house for a long time, so the thought of putting money into the place doesn’t scare me.


Formal Living Room

Dining Room


Den (off the kitchen – leads to garage and screened porch)

Bedroom on Main Level (will be an office)

Things that I really love about the new place that our current house is lacking include: brick on all four sides, space between our house and neighboring houses, a basement for storage (as well as a finished room for crafting and sewing), a bedroom on the main level for Bradley’s office, a screened porch, a side-entry garage, and wooden floors (engineered hardwoods) throughout the entire main level.  I also love having a designated foyer and a separate den off the kitchen.  The house also has some nice architectural details, like pretty wooden windows with handles carved into them, crown moulding in almost every room, and solid wood interior doors that are stained, not painted.  I am interested in trying out the central vacuum system – I’ve never used one before.  I don’t know how many there are, but this house also includes some switched outlets, which will eliminate some of the bulky remote controlled outlets we currently use.

The things that will need work over time include:  the driveway (tree roots have buckled it in several places), fixing or replacing one of the garage door openers, moving the laundry room from the unfinished basement to the main level or upstairs, and renovating and getting a better layout in the master bathroom and the kitchen.  We will also need to do a lot of landscaping for better water run-off as well as aesthetics, including removing several trees and a TON of ivy.  And of course, there are a handful of rooms that need new paint colors.

Basement Bedroom (will be a craft room, includes a half bath)

Master Bedroom

Spare Bedroom

Spare Bedroom (will be a guest bedroom, across hall from spare bathroom)


Happy New Year

We held our 7th annual new year’s eve party last night, but this was the first year I have remembered to take pictures of all of my decorations.

In the foyer, guests are greeted with tinsel-clad wooden numbers of the year we are ringing in.  On the small table, I put out crystal clocks, champagne glasses and a disco ball ornament on a silver-sequined tablecloth.

In the living room, I hang a lighted sphere over the TV to mimic the ball that drops at midnight.  On the table below, I draped a gold sequined table runner and lit gold and silver mercury glass votive holders.  I also set out glittered noise makers, hats and tiaras.  I glittered a mirrored tray on which I set ‘midnight kisses’ and Ferrera Rochers.

We set up a drink table with a sequined table runner (and a clear tablecloth protector to guard against water rings).  I glittered a mason jar to hold the gold paper straws and I put a rock candy stick in each of the champagne glasses.  I made drink stirrers out of skewers and tinsel.  I found the Cheers shot glasses they are in at Target this year.

It was a fun night with friends that I enjoy every year.  We wish you a Happy New Year!

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