Den Updates

As one of our most-used rooms, the den has had a few more changes since the first progress report.  Because the loveseat sits halfway onto the rug, I decided to look for end tables that could slide under the rug instead of sitting half-on/half-off and tilting.  I searched a lot of online stores, but ended up getting the Almada laptop tables from World Market.  The bases do cause the rug to bump up, but I have beds for Buddy under each table to cover it up.

In what can only be described as a miracle, I came upon a matching crystal lamp at Home Goods to the one I bought nearly a year ago.  I would still like to have wall lamps (like these) in this room, but it is an unnecessary expense right now.  I added a floor lamp next to the television, because the room has very little natural light.  Maybe someday we can update the fireplace wall with built-ins on either side and add small windows for more light (like this and this).

One of the biggest changes is that we let Buddy stay out in the den during the day instead of being crated.  I love that he has a little more room to stretch out and that we don’t lose an entire corner to a crate anymore.  And he has been so good (not getting into anything he shouldn’t).  That change made more room to bring in an extra chair to give us comfortable seating for three people if we need it.  I still haven’t done anything with the bookcases or mantle – that is the kind of staging I like the least.

Progress Report: Craft Room

The craft room is still a LONG way from being set up, but I’ve made a few steps in the right direction.  I shared the closet shelving I installed in this post.  I have also painted over the neon green wall color in this room, as well as the connected powder room.  I wasn’t too picky about the color, so when I found two almost-full cans of grey paint left by the previous owners, I popped them open and started painting.  The color is Porpoise by Behr, and boy did it stink-for weeks!  I’ve gotten spoiled buying Sherwin Williams paint as of late.  Once on the walls, it was darker than I expected and has just a hint of purple in the undertones, but with all of the white paneling on the bottom to brighten the room and the fact that it’s just a craft room, not to mention I didn’t have to buy paint, I am happy overall.

The overall room is still a mess, partially because it is on the way to the storage part of the basement and therefore catches a lot of stuff in limbo.  My plan is to put pegboard on the walls above the chair rail to hang all of my crafting and sewing supplies.  I would like to get a couple of six foot tables that don’t fold in the middle for crafts and sewing.  Also, I would like to get wall lamps like these for around the room to keep everything up off the tables and floors.

I painted the powder room the same color.  The mirror frame is painted Meadow Green by  Rust-oleum.  I have my eye on replacing the ridiculous light fixture in here with one like this.

Here is the real estate listing picture of this room – the previous owners used it as a play room:

Dining Room and Breakfast Nook

Just like the living room, there isn’t much to show in the dining room right now.  The wall color is the same as the living room, Gobi Desert by Behr, and was already painted when we moved in.  The only thing we changed when we moved in was the light fixture.  There were Tiffany-style lights in this room, the foyer and the stairwell.  As a quick fix, we exchanged the lights with the corresponding lights from our old house during the move.  This chandelier is too small for the space, but I’m not ready to drop the money for a new one yet.  The dining set is the same one we bought off of Craigslist for our old house, a dark-stained teak set with concealed leaf that can make the table a square (which worked much better with the room shape at the old house).  The only thing I have added was an inexpensive jute rug to protect the floor.

Eventually I would like to replace the light fixture -I’m leaning towards this chandelier.  Also, a part of me would love to one day add coffers to the ceiling, something like this.

Here is what the real estate listing of this room looked like:

In the kitchen, we recently bought a table off of Craigslist for the breakfast nook.  I found the red industrial chairs on clearance at Target.  I wanted them as spare chairs to bring out if we host get-togethers, but since there were no chairs for the table we bought, I am using these for now.

Living Room

There isn’t much to see in our living room, but I haven’t posted anything about it since moving in.  The wall color was already Gobi Desert by Behr when we moved in.  (I used the same color in the kitchen and den for continuity on the first floor)  Our furniture from the old house is spread thin around here, so this room looks a little bare.  The room is a little difficult to figure out a perfect layout because of doorway and window placements.  Also, the only switched outlet is on the wall where the couch is (there is no overhead lighting in this room).

The chairs were cheap finds on Craigslist years ago and, until his recent job change, had been in Bradley’s office at work.  The only new pieces in here so far are the the Eye of the Needle hexagonal side tables which I found at Tuesday Morning, but had to paint the bases silver to cover the colorful, chipped-look they originally had.

Here is a shot of what the tables looked like before (the smallest one is still in our master bedroom):

For now, I have my eye out for a good deal on a rug and a coffee table for this room.  I haven’t figured out how I want to stage the front of this room because of the large windows and opening to the foyer.

This is the before picture of the living room from the real estate listing:

Progress Report: Organization

After the initial unpacking and staging at our new house, I’ve turned my attention to some organization.  It takes a minute to see how you use your space on a daily basis and what things are best kept in your living space versus what you can put in storage.  We are so happy to now be in a home with a basement – part of which is unfinished, so perfect for storing seasonal and rarely used items.  No more climbing into a super cramped attic space!

The previous owners left a large workbench and a whole row of metal shelves in the basement which are so useful.  Recently, I hung my pegboard (and one left by previous owner) so that I could start clearing out the boxes and the workbench of tools that were tossed haphazardly aside in the move.  On an episode of Today’s Homeowner, the simple solution was to use a clear shoe holder for spray paint cans.  I already had the shoe holder but had never thought to use it this way – it’s genius!  Another simple solution was to add outlet boxes to the pegboard for items that don’t hang on the hooks very well (allen wrenches, tape measure, pencils).

For now, I’ve been sorting the items that we don’t need in our living space into storage totes that I’ve lined up in two rows in the basement.  The left side is just party and holiday items – I have a small addiction I think.

In my soon-to-be craft room, I was able to reuse a hanging shelf system from the old house in the closet.  For now, I just have my extra cloth bins on the shelves.  My ultimate goal in this room is to cover the walls above the chair rail with pegboard and put as many of my crafting, sewing and wrapping items as I can on those.

I added an elfa door rack to the pantry door to hold all of our spices.  I like that the baskets can be moved as our needs change and also that I could hook it over the door instead of permanently attaching it to our stained solid-wood door.

In our bedroom closet, I purchased a few more Elfa mesh baskets to add to those I brought from the old house.  I did not hang the shoe shelves, because I instituted a ‘no shoes’ policy upstairs.  I haven’t found a great solution for our shoes yet, so most of them are still in boxes in the basement.  I think I would like to have a cabinet in the corner of the den for them – something like this.

The last area I’ve worked on is the garage.  We don’t want to keep much in the garage (unlike we did at our first house), but I thought keeping car-related products and our brooms/sweepers for the first floor would be more logical than in the basement.  I used one of my Rubbermaid Fasttrack rails on the wall in front of our cars with a few hooks and a basket for car cleaners.  I haven’t figured out if I can use my other two rails in the basement, because most of the walls are just block, with no studded walls over them.  The two grey items attached to the wall to the right of the rail are garbage bag dispensers that I got because I had a hard time reaching them in the top of the pantry.